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Our latest Workshop series is running on Wednesday nights from February 20th – March 13th 2019


We are excited to be joining again with Woori Community House in Woori Yallock to bring you another series of workshops. Our herbalist Caleb Armstrong will help you to discover the health benefits of  herbs you can find or grow in your own garden.

Caleb Armstrong is a pharmacist from Seville Village Pharmacy. He has been growing herbs for their health benefits here at Yarra Ranges Herb Farm for four years, using them in teas and other health products. He uses his knowledge of  the chemistry of plants to apply the traditional use of herbs as Medicine to a modern setting. Learn how to grow your own herbs and how to turn them into Medicine you can safely use at home. 

All sessions will include a take home booklet, recipes and your own product such as a tea, cream or an infused oil which Caleb will help you to create.

Special deal  “Book 4 sessions pay only $120” 

To take advantage of this offer to come to all 4 sessions for the price of 3, Call 59646857 to book your place. Alternatively contact us via or via our contact us page here


Food or Medicine 

The food we eat does more than just taste good. It is full of chemicals which have an action on our body. Join Caleb Armstrong to learn how the use of certain plants as food can be great for your health.

Wednesday 20th February 7-9pm     $40 per workshop 

To book tickets for the Food or medicine workshop, call 59646857 or contact us here

Weeds or Medicine 

The weeds we try to keep out of our garden often have chemicals in them that can benefit your health. Learn ways you can use weeds as foods or medicine that can benefit your health, with Caleb Armstrong from Yarra Ranges Herb Farm.

Wednesday 27th February 7-9pm   $40 per workshop

To book tickets for the Weeds or Medicine workshop, call 59646857 or contact us here

Flavour or Medicine 

The table herbs we use to flavour food are also a useful source of Medicine. Caleb Armstrong takes a new look at how some common herbs could be used in a variety of ways to unlock their health benefits. 

Wednesday 6th March 7-9pm    $40 per workshop

To book tickets for the Flavour or medicine workshop, call 59646857 or contact us here

Herbal Home Medicine Chest 

Put together your personal Herbal Home Medicine chest. With the help of Caleb Armstrong you will be able to safely unlock the health benefits of these herbs which you can easily grow in your own garden.

Wednesday 13th March 7-9pm 

To book tickets for the Flavour or medicine workshop, call 59646857 or contact us here